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Economic Diary: Week Commencing 11/04/16

Monday 11 April
02:30 PPI Year on Year-4.9%-4.6%-4.3%
02:30 CPI Month on Month (China)1.6%-0.3%-0.4%
09:00 Industrial Production Month on Month (sa)1.9%-0.7%-0.6%
09:00 Industrial Production Year on Year (wda)3.9%1.3%1.2%
Corporate Statements
 Access Intelligence, Central Asia Metals, Safestay Plc



Tuesday 12 April
00:01 Retail Sales (Office for National Stats)0.1% -0.7%
07:00 CPI Final Year on Year0.3%0.3%0.3%
09:30 CPI Month on Month0.2%0.3%+0.4%
09:30 CPI Year on Year0.3%0.4%+0.5%
09:30 PPI Core Year on Year (nsa)0.2%0.3%+0.2%
09:30 PPI Core Month on Month (nsa)0.2%0.1%+0.1%
09:30 RPI Month on Month0.5%0.3%+0.4%
09:30 RPI Year on Year1.3%1.4%+1.6%
Corporate Statements
 Tyratech Inc
 Deltex Medical, EKF Diagnostics Holdings, Lidco Group, M. P. Evans Group, Nanoco Group, Next Fifteen Com, Oxford Instruments, SCS Group, TLA Worldwide



Wednesday 13 April
01:30 Consumer Sentiment-2.2% -4.0%
07:45 CPI Final Year on Year-0.1%-0.1%-0.1%
07:45 CPI Final Month on Month0.3%0.7%0.8%
10:00 Industrial Production Month on Month2.1%-0.7%-0.8%
10:00 Industrial Production Year on Year2.8%1.2%0.8%
13:30 Retail Sales Month on Month-0.1%0.1%-0.3%
13:30 Retail Sales Ex-Auto Month on Month-0.1%0.4%+0.2%
15:00 BoC Rate Decision0.50%0.50%0.5%
15:00 Business Inventories Month on Month0.1%-0.1%-0.1%
Corporate Statements
 Autoclenz Hold, Rightster Group, Rockhopper Exploration
 Pier 1 Imports



Thursday 14 April
02:30 Unemployment Rate5.8%5.9%5.7%
09:00 CPI Final Year on Year-0.3%-0.3%-0.2%
09:00 CPI Final Month on Month2.0%2.0%2.1%
10:00 CPI Final Month on Month0.2%1.2%1.2%
10:00 CPI Final Year on Year-0.1%-0.1%0.0%
12:00 MPC Vote For Rate Hike000
12:00 BoE QE Total375bln GB 375bln GB
12:00 MPC Vote For Rate Unchanged999
12:00 MPC Vote For Rate Cut000
12:00 BoE Rate Decision0.50%0.50%0.5%
13:30 CPI Month on Month (sa)-0.2%0.2%+0.1%
13:30 CPI Year on Year (nsa)1.0%1.1%+0.9%
13:30 Weekly Jobless Claims267k270k253k
Corporate Statements
 Bank Of America, Blackrock, Inc., Delta Airlines, PNC Financial Services, The Progressive, Wells Fargo
 Burberry Group, Debenhams, Optibiotix, Polyus Gold International, Poundland, Unilever



Friday 15 April
03:00 Retail Sales10.2%10.4%10.5%
03:00 China GDP Year on Year6.8%6.7%+6.7%
05:30 Industrial Production Revised-6.2% -5.2%
09:00 Trade Balance0.521bln EU 1.249bln EU
10:00 Trade Balance6.2bln EU 19bln EU
14:15 Industrial Production Month on Month-0.5%-0.1%-0.6%
Corporate Statements
 Citigroup, First Horizn Ntl, Regions Financl
 Hill & Smith Hldgs, MAN Group