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10k for charity


Customers flocked to take up a company survey which promised a £10 cheque to their favourite charity on completion.

And with nearly 2,000 questionnaires filled out and more than half the respondents listing a charitable organisation, Spreadex has since paid out close to £10,000 to more than 350 good causes.

Spreadex Marketing Communications Manager Andy MacKenzie said: “There was a really positive response from clients who were keen to nominate a charity close to their hearts to help out.

“It goes against the view held by some of spread betters being focused merely on making money for their own gain.

“Based on the feedback we have now dropped our previous iPad Mini account opening offer in favour of a promotion where financial traders and sports punters can raise £150 for charity simply by placing a certain number of trades or bets.

“Already we’ve had new business on the back of this and we expect to be sending plenty of more money to charities before the year is out.”

Top 10 charities supported by Spreadex clients

1. Cancer Research UK
2. Macmillan Nurses
4. Injured Jockey’s Fund
6. British Heart Foundation
7. Dog’s Trust
8. Oxfam
10. Barnardos