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Rugby fixed odds bets


To take your money early to either realise a profit or cut a loss, use our ‘Take My Money’ feature found under the ‘My Account’ section of the site when logged in.

You can find all your favourite fixed odds rugby bets such as Match Odds, Total Points/Total Tries Over /Under, First/Last Tryscorer, Winning Margin, Handicap etc with prices displayed in fractional or decimal format.

Click here to see our Fractional/Decimal Odds Conversion Table.

Spreadex also offers rugby fixed odds accumulators and multiple bet options. Accumulators or multiples link bets together allowing for higher odds than a single bet and meaning a greater return from the initial stake size should all bets come in.

Click here to see our Guide to Accumulators and Multiples.

Click here to see our latest rugby fixed odds betting prices on our Sports Homepage.